Frequently Asked Questions Features

Q: How do I add interests to my profile?
A: Please visit the "Your Profile/Settings" section.

Q: Can I delete posts to my guestbook?
A: Not yet. It will be added when I get around to it.

Q: What is a memory?
A: A memory is simply a journal entry out of any Woohu user's journal that you found to memorable, enlightning, whatever.

Q: How do I add a memory?
A: Find the journal entry that you'd like to add. Click on the link that allows you to post a comment to the entry. And then click 'add to memories' at the top of the page.


Q: How do I change my journal colors?
A: Please visit the "Modify Journal" section.


Q: What is a community?
A: A community is a 'community' journal that a user creates, and then other users can join. Then everyone can post to that journal. Usually based on an interest, location, etc.

Friends & Security Settings

Q: How do I add a user as my friend?
A: Go to the user's journal. Next you'd have to click on 'profile'. After you've done that there's a link at the top of their profile that says 'add friend'. Click it.

Journal Comments

Q: Why can't users post comments to my journal entries?
A: You most likely have "Allow users to comment to my journal entries." unchecked in the "Your Profile/Settings" area.

Journal Entries

Q: Why is my journal is insanely wide?
A: Either you posted an image that was too wide for the default width or you got carried away and wrote 'ahhhh' with about 50 too many h's.. (or something similiar).

Q: How do I delete a journal entry?
A: Click 'Edit Entries'.. Select the option that will bring you to the entry that you want to delete. At the bottom of the edit page, click 'delete'.

User Icons

Q: How do I add a picture (user icon) at the top of my journal?
A: Go to the "Your Pictures" section and upload an image that is 40kb or less. Normal icon size is 100x100 pixels.


Q: Can I change my username?
A: No. User information is everywhere on the site. The option may or may not be added in the future. It's under consideration.

Q: How do I delete my journal?
A: As of right now, you don't. It's a major pain in the rear to delete all of the information on the site for one user. Until I work on making deletion automated, it's not happening.


Q: Who runs Woohu?
A: Bzoink, LLC does. Bzoink, LLC is a limited liability company located in Cedar Springs, MI. It's sole employee is Andrew Gunneson. He's 22.