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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2003 at 11:53pm
Current mood: tired
Music: letterman on tv
Subject: sleepy eyes
So i feel like im working all the time. i was so excited to only be worjking in the evening the next couple of days but noooooo. i had to go and be too nice and take another shift tomorrow morning at nine. so that means i have to work from nine to about nine thirty..eww. i dont even care about the money..its all about not being able to say no i suppose. tongiht while im wiping down menus for basically an hour and i hace the time to let my mind wander. i start to think about Nick..which i think iswhy i havent been so sad or cried lately..not really b/c im over it..but because i rearely have time to even think about least thats the way it seems. times come where i totally forget about it seems like a dream..that didnt happen to me i think...and then i remember that yes it did.

I ran into some ppl that went to school with me...they graduated a few years before me..of course they came up to me pry out of drunkness. but still thier comments like im really sorry about your vbrother or which every way the chose to slur it. really hit just all comes crashing back and i just think of all that we lost in the world when he died. he really was so amazing..yeah i just hate it when i get all teary eyed at work...cant let ppl know i actually get sad sometimes. lol cause that would just totally ruin everyones perceptin of me it seems
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