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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 5-27-2003 at 10:00am
Current mood: content
Music: Ugg..I hate the stupid music when your on hold
Subject: The weekend of laziness yea Saturday I didn' t do that much..I slept all freakin day as you know..then I went to the mall with Stef to return dress number one for Justin and Devon's wedding this coming friday...I love dress #2...good choice Stefi...then we stopped at my dads on our way home and picked up fishy so that he didnt die from the temperature change over night and picked up a few of my dresses that I had left in the closet in my old apartment upstairs. I was intending on goin to see Bruce Almighty w Stef Brad and Stef's friend Crystal..but Rhi,Rai and Ann dropped in for a quick they stayed for a few and after that Brad was being a poo and decided not to go to the movie so I woudla felt like the 3rd wheel being that I had never met Crystal before..she stayed over that nite..sweet anyway..Eric came over and I met up w/the whole Best Buy crew at Chevy's and then Wendy came to join was good times..some of those cats crack me up...then I came home and talked with Stef and Crystal and went in my room and gave myself a pedicure yea slept all day on Sunday and then took a shower and went to moms bc she intised us with food...she made my favorite macoroni then Stef and I left there and went to pathmark and shoprite to go food shopping...then I went home made some food and headed up to erics house to highlight our poor thing hes soo sick..aww if you read this...I hope you feel better...let me know how the Dr goes...yea so his hair come out soo hot..I am damn proud of myself it makes him look much older...and since he looks 16 thats a good thing..Eric and I have both been cursed w having a baby face I spent the whole day there yesterday keeping him company I went and got him myself and Jeff some chinese and we watched movies all day and made sure he stayed in bed and felt good to be with him the way we were be the one kinda taking care of was like something was there that hasnt been in a long not gettin my hopes up...I just know that Eric and I share something very special that we are very fortunate have...oh yea driving up to his house that nite was horrific ...there was sooo much traffic and something fell off someones car and I almost slammed into the back of some ford exploder and whatever it was I ran it over..I hate when that shit happens it makes my heart pound and gets me all yea it was a nice good relaxing sleep filled weekend in which I weekend is finding nemo so I am very excited about the weekend ended w me goin home and stayin up till 3 watchin Quest For Camelot with Stef...and to my own suprise I was 5 minutes early even with the new hours of 9-6 starting I am trying not to cry and trying to keep my spirits high...a year ago on this date ...which last year would have been memorial day..Eric and I got called out of Spiderman..I already new that My Grams wasn't gonna make it much longer but when I got home from Brad callin us outta the movie..she was already gone...o great here come the tears...I guess its good to cry shows how much I still love and miss her...I can still see her lying in that bed all frale and not breathing...aww grammy I miss I get out at 6 ,and I am gonna set my vcr to record the finding nemo special on discovering on my lunch, then I will pick up Stef and Juls and head over to the cemetary with some flowers...I cant beleive it has been a whole year that we have been without her...Eric and I had just started dating wasnt even 10 days and he hadta meet my whole family...on such horrible terms I felt so bad..but he was there for me...and now a year later ...he doesnt love me the same way ...and it breaks my heart to peices..I really wish Grams coulda met him ...I wish I had started dating him 2 years ago b4 she got very sick so she coulda saw the way he makes me day... I pray...the two of us will be back together...I am happy with what we have now...but I know I will always be wishing for more..with a face like his could u blame me ??
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