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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 5-27-2003 at 8:28pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: siiingin in the rain
Subject: i love the rain... puddles are my home
sometimes i think that if i could be HALF as interesting as some people ive met, that would make my life worthwhile... my life is a small unimportant thing in the big picture... but dont get me started on the "big picture" cuz beleive me, i could go on and on and on... but all im saying is, some people can think the same things i think, but then they put it into words that are so.... right. i dont wanna be one of those sissy whiney girls who complain theyre not like someone else, tho, its just, i think sometimes people dont kno me for the real me, but then i remember that I'M still tryin to figure that one out so... ya... see how this can get all confusing? everything in life is opposites; its confusing yet clear; important yet not; big yet small; black yet white; see?! im smart yet foolish; wise yet unexperienced; insightful yet in the dark; real yet fake; and mature yet juvenile..... aint that all the truth... dont listen to me anymore guys, this journal has just become home my destinationless thoughts (not that anyone probably was payin attention to begin with...) isnt life a contradiction?

k well its raining, so u kno wut that means, off to sit in a puddle in my bikini and be one with the rain :-P ya im a rain child, u dont havta understand it....
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