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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2003 at 5:39pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Coheed & Cambria~Dellirium Trigger
Subject: lalalalla..its so nice out and im stuck in this shithole
I am so mad dude...why is it always nice out when I am working lol...rain all weekend nice when I work...screw you mother nature...SO everyone who knows me pop quiz...what have I been waiting for to come out for months now >>>>>>> what day does it come out >>>>>>> how freakin excited am I >>>>>>>awwwwww shit >>>>>> Finding Nemo May 30th >>>>>> all know where I will be tomorrow...the movies watching my dearest squirt >>>>aww I cant freakin wait I wanna say screw work and just leave go to the movie and go to the beach lol

ok...yea...this weekend I am freakin sleepin and cleaning...I am at work right now and we just got a new version of a accounting system and I just dont feel like dealing with it today...god I wanna be outside, please...ugh...hunger omg. I wanna go see Bruce Almighty if anyone is feeling generous and wants to take me hehe...yea being poor really fukin blows...someone help me find a new job or go job hunting w me ...I will love you forever ...I will be back stinks
enjoy some co & co with me ~Neverender
in the anxious but calm retort to mirror that frames your face baring the finest swell
when the day begins to break like the tears that run across your cheek
stand straight and imagine you then in the things and the way they could have been
when the thoughts they race across your chin here in the neverend

(i'll be home) in graver mistakes dear mom and dad, i write you in the letter that states
(i'll be moving on) when the new days begun forget your son when he's out on his own

point your gun in another direction now that you've cried yourself to sleep here in there after the fire

sorry it took sooo long to get this on woohu as apposed to the lj i have been soo busy today ...actually all effin week
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