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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2003 at 2:22pm
Current mood: tired/happy happy
Music: ~*Manson*Tainted love*~
Subject: voolakasha!!
hey peoples whats up? not much here..i just got back from renees a lil while fun fun. yesterday was muh birthday so i slept over at her house last night after everybody left my place. well ill talk about that later but right now i shall get into the field trip to universal that went on thursday. woot woot. so here we go. okay, kathy called my house thursday morning at like 3 sumthing to wake me up because shes kewl beans like that. i was so very very dead for like 30 minutes and i remember rambling on to her about a bunch of shit that probably doesnt even make any sense. oh well. then i spent like 20 mins looking for a cd case so that i could bring a bunch of muh cds to listen to on tha bus. fun fun. later on i got off the phone with kathy and fixed up my hair and my makeup. renee called and said she was on her way over with her datty. there was a cockroach on mi damn wall thast scared the crap outta me. but i really didnt do anything about it...ick. well renees datty took us up to Bair in our crappy little orange t shirts. he dropped us off on the street by the school and we walked the rest of the way. yup. erm..we went to our table int he cafeteria and renee checked us both in cus im a lazy bitch. bwahhahaaha. anywayz, i read notes from sandy to jonathan and it was hilarious cus sandys such a slut. ew them two together..that just isnt right at all.. scaryness. okay well the bus ride there wasnt that exciting..listened to music most of the time and talked wiff renee. the little bastards sitting behind us were really starting to piss me off and i downed like 4 tylenals because i had a headache. they were playing movies on the bus. pretty gay ones though. lilo and stitch and harry potter 2. ergh. i didnt pay attention to them though. nikki and kasey were sititng in front of us, kaylani and sara or h.e the fuck you spell it were next to us and in front of nikki nd kasey were courteni and courtney. yeppers. renee and courtney were passing notes so i kinda zoned out. then me and renee were laying on eachother and piggin out on candy that i brought along for the trip. at the first rest stop we didnt really see anyone there. no one interesting at least. so we just went in for a few minutes and courtney checked out something to buy for her mom event hough she didnt end up getting anything. then we went back out and waited by the bus. mr sloan and ms clock were our chaperone ppl..ugh they sucked balls. mr sloans a big hypocritical douche wad who can burn in really, he can. PLEASE. ergh. well then we kept on driving and we were like the last bus to end up at universal. we met up with matt and quinton who were standing outside our bus before we even parked! scaryness. but i already knew they were gonna stalk us. renee was really pissed off about it or at least it seemed like she was. the first ride we went on was twister. not fun at ALL. but we saw maria and jessica up there and we made "the family", i cant remember who we assigned the relations to but oh well it doesnt matter anywayz. well that ride sucked ass and renee was depressed and pissed off for the longest time it seemed. then we went on jaws and it still sucked and matt and quinton kept poking at my boobs and my ass. after jaws we went to go get ice cream and we all sat out in front of the little shop and jammed to old songs. fun fun. then we got up and i cant really remember where we went next..but eventually we all kidnapped ivan and he joined our little group. we ran into eddie up at the men in black thingy and from there we went into a massive ass attacking thing where we all were running around smacking eachothers asses and whatnot. i went to the bathroom and my ass was like blue. lol. damn people. but it was all in good fun. teehee. well then we stopped at a gift shop when we left all the guys at the men in black thing. i had a bee or something on the back of my t shirt and it wouldnt come off...scaryness much. i was screaming for renee and courtney to get it off but they were being stupid and renee was screaming "just rub up against the wall or something!!" funny shit. well the guys were pissed when we got back cus we kinda told them that wed be out front..lies. matt was being fresh with me the entire time and thats all you REALLY need to know about him. ivan got me a penguin at the gift store. eddie got me a bigger penguin holding woody. and quinton got me a chilly willy the penguin pendant which im wearing right now. cuteness. and i picked kathy up a squidward pin because she didnt get to go on the trip. ::sniffle sniffle:: k so..yeah the rest of the time nothin really happened. we went over by a food place to rest and renee ran up and slapped crash bandicoots ass. cus hes her baby' datty. funny shyt as wellz. mmhm. hes the homie. well we all hugged like 50 million times and took lots of pics together at the end. i surprised myself because i NEVER take pictures, lol. oh well. then we all crashed out on the floor by the buses and talked and shyt and matt was still all over me. i gave eddie a hug and a kiss and he went to his bus. then it was just me,matt,renee,ivan, and quinton and courtney. yuppers. we got back on the bus and started on the way back to the rest stop. in the bus i fell asleep on renees lap and i guess some people were trying to take a pic of me sleeping or something but they didnt. friggin weirdos. at the pit stop renee woke me up and i stumbled my way out of the bus. renee carried me on her back and i saw big greg i got a hug and a kiss from him and a hug from kaan and robby. then renee ran off because ivan was chasing her for some odd reason. renee came back shortly and got some "hoe soda" aka sprite, and she was pretending to hit on my language arts teacher..i cant wait to see what ms holland has to say about that on monday. peachyness. i bucked some cheesy combos from ivan and trampled back to the bus, hiding them from mr slan and ms clock. then me and renee split the hoe soda and renee turned int0 her split personality, bonquisha or whatever, and started talkin all ghetto. again with the funny shit. she was disturbing nikki and kasey and it was really awesome. then kasey and nikki found out she was bi and that was even better because renee was pretending to hit on me and kasey and nikki were like wtf??? ..yeah greatness much. it doesnt matter though cus we tight like that. i almost fell asleep again on the bus but i didnt. when we got back me and renee wandered around and then we decided to just walk to my house and have my dad drive renee home from there instead. we ran into melody on the way out and i gave her a hug and stuff cus shes kewl beans like that. yupyup. you know why? cus hoooes gotta drink too! wee. ok anyway we walked back to my house and on the way i called zane. renee was acting all crazy and she had this man voice goin on and she kept sayin "my name...ees vi-o-let"..yeah it was pretty great. in short, we got back to my house and my dad drove her home. i went on the comp for like 5 minutes and i was talking to zane. i knew he had read my letter by now so i was nervous as fuck. he didnt mention anything about it though. i got off the computer and went to bed because i had a headache, i was tired and my feet were hurting really bad from all of the walking that day.
<>My Birthday<> my mom came in and woke me up and i struggled to stay asleep. but she got me up anyway and my grandma was over. she gave me a few presents and then i wandered into the shower. when i got out sam was there and so i went into my room in my bath robe and got dressed. i came back out and i was in a really pissy mood for some reason. i guess i kinda know why but i wont mention anything in here. me and sam sat at the table and i was eating grapes. then my mom told me and sam to go in my room and she said that i should start cleaning up. same gave me a cd that she has made for me, i thought it was really sweet and that actually got a smile out of me. the first of that morning. the songs on it were really fancy. then me and her attempted to straighten up my room. we watched some tv as well. then shortly after that my mom came in and told me that i had to clean the patio. well, when i went to the door and looked out there was a bunch of decorations up and renee,bryan,zane,jeremy,emma, and ashley were standing out there. i knew that they were planning something but this was pretty tight. i ran away kinda after standing outside for like 2 minutes because i kne wmy hair looked horrible. then i went back out and exchanged hugs with everybody. mums brought a pinata out and we beat the shit out of it, or the candy i should say. bwah. there was candy everywhere and we were all throwing it at eachother. and shoving ice down eachothers shirt and pants. then everybody threw me in the pool with my clothes on and i was holding on to ashley so she fell in too. twas funny. we all got together and threw jeremy in and then bryan and emma just jumpe din cus they fancy like that. we couldnt get zane in though but i got him in eventually. eddie showed up a while later and ALL of us banned together and threw renee in the pool. then we all got in and started beating the crap out of eachother. kathy showed up later on too and we got her in the pool as well. there was just alot of smacking and screaming and being stupid going on in the pool but it was all awesome. zane stayed kind of distant from me for a while but then as i was walking by him by the pool he said that he had to tell me something and that hed tell me later. so i thought about that forever, lol. being the curious one that i am. eddie sam and ash chilled by the pool for a while. we all kept on fighting and humping eachother in the pool which is always a good time. heh. then we had cake. jeremy took a piece of cake and put it in my bathing suit bottom and smashed it all around. i have NEVER had so much icing crammed in my ass and my crotch in my entire life. thatw as just wrong. so i ran in the shower and got it all out, yuck. then came back out and spilled icing on everyone. we went back in the pool and was spraying soda all over eachother and clinging on to eachother and just being stupid. fun fun fun. then eddie went in the house and my mom threw his clothes in the dryer so he was only wearing a towel. well me and renee followed him into the house and stripped his towel off in my moms livingroom. so funny. renee says he has a nice ass, which he does mind you. eh heh. he got a new towel and sat back with the others. jeremy was playing guitar. my mom was filming and i was licking everybody because im just the greatest person ever like that. emma nailed zane in the balls which wasnt cool. then me and renee and jeremy cornered eddie on the floor of the patio and jeremy looked away, held on to eddies towel and ran away with it. me and renee stole his other towel so he was just butt ass naked on the patio. awesomeness. then i gave him a towel and he put it on and hid behind kathy. he got the camera later on and was filming us all. then, eventually we all ended up in my livingroom after i helped my mom clean up everything we fucked up outside. we started to watch the ring but my dad wasnt feeling too great so he wanetd everybody to go home. zane pulled me off to the side and basicly said yes to the letter that i gave him. and ive never felt so happy in a long time. that lifted my spirit for the rest of the night,lol. i couldnt stop thinking about it and i told kathy about it and she gave me a hug and stuff. i felt like i was gunna cry cus im corny like that. lol. aww, hes so awesome. =) well me and zane hung out with bryan in the front yard while he was waiting for his datty. then kathy came out and chilled with us too. josh was riding aorund on his bike acting stupid as always, then he left. then i gave bryan a hug and he left. then me zane and kathy went back in the house. kathy left. then eddie. then me and renee walked jeremy and zane out and hung out in the street for a few minutes. then they left and me and renee went back into my house and had some more cake. i really wish erin could have been there because i missed her so much and i wanted her to meet everybody. ::cries:: hopefully she can come over today but its already 3 something and i havent heard from her yet so i doubt it. =/ urgh. ::tear:: ....well...i slept over at renees last night...we went through old notes and killed eachother and watched the lion king..i have no fucking idea why..but its all gravy baby. lolz. this morning we watched the ring and went on the computer at her place. and listened to really old music like ace of base and whatnot. interisante. then my dad picked me up and i came home and ate some more hoe cake. then i went on the computer and thats where i am now. woopty doo! im talking to zane, quinton, and emma right now and im trying to see if zane and jeremy can come over and chill for a while cus i dont really feel like going anywhere and i cant in case erin decides to show up on the doorstep. hopefully ::crosses fingers:: i might go to the mall tonight with everybody so well just hafta see what happens. if i can get ahold of all of them or not, well see. well im gonna wrap this up..hand achin from all the typin..bye people! -Stephanie
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