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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2003 at 11:07pm
Current mood: shitty
Music: *Manson*Coma Black*
Subject: yo
well there isnt really much to say. i ended up going to the mall at like 7. my dad picked up renee and took us to the mall. we met up with zane, jeremy, quinton, and bryan. then we all just stood there at the oasis entrance like retards for a while. then we ransacked the bookstore for the longest time ever. not really doing much of anything but humping eachother, slapping eachother's asses and the likes of that, which come to think about it isnt different from what we always end up doing when we go out in big groups like so. well a bunch of shyt happened in the bookstore and then we went to claires where we dragged jeremy in and the rest of the boys stood outside. then we walked around the mall a bit more and went to the food court, i got a pretzel and we all sat down at the table. i was sitting on jeremys lap and sharing a lemonade with zane and a soda with quinton because im oh so special like that..only not really. i saw paula and natalie there, and they were with my fiance Josh, who didnt pay much attention at all to me and who actually ran away when i was going to say hi because hes a sadistic prick and im not ever going to talk to him again, and yes i actually DO mean that for once. he was also there with his friend kenny who has QUITE the obsession with my boobs, oh well. everyone still thinks hes gay. i cant blame them either. moving on. next we went to the music store where i got the new marilyn manson album and the boys got some glow sticks. then we all sat in those massagy chairs out front after i started up a conversation with one of the workers at the music store. he was nice and he said he liked my boots. interesting. well quinton sapped me in the boob really hard and that really fucking hurt and it pissed me off alot. so i stole his glasses, jeremy took them from me and then eventually he got them back after i threatened him a few times. i was pretty much pissed the rest of the night and renee became very quiet and sullen all of a sudden as we were walking out to leave. the guys were all acting stupid and running around and shit once we walked outside of the mall. renee laid on the ground and i just sat around the corner behind one of those large block things and cried to myself. zane came over and asked what was wrong but i didnt care to tell him. then we all got up and started walking again...just lots of walking went on and not a word was said by me or renee until we got to the oasis again and i followed renee into ghiradellis, in the bathroom. i still dont know what was wrong with her but im not going to bother her about it either. i saw kaan at ghiradellis and he said hi and gave me a hug before i followed renee in. when me and renee got back out of ghiradellis all of the guys were gone. so we walked around ALL over the damn oasis looking for their asses, but couldnt find them anywhere. i saw curtis and he actually had the audacity, believe it or not, to try and strike up a conversation with me while he was wrapped around mary. excuse me, if you want to talk to me i suggest you NOT be groping another human being in the process. thankyou come again. he has nerve and A LOT of it. ugh. whatever i really dont fucking care. it just pissed me off at the time because i was already upset about my own issues. we stormed off and found jeremy and zane by the movie theater entrance. then kristen ran up and hugged jeremy and then ran over and sed hey sexy and hugged me. she sounded drunk or something. she wanted to kiss me and normally i wouldnt mind but my eyes were about to explode. plus jeremy picked her up and put her around his waist when the whole entire night he was sitting there flirting with me. thats just fucking retarded and thats the last time i ever show affection towards him again. tis fucked up. you dont bounce from one chick to another in a matter of 30 minutes, you just dont. bryan and quinton disappeared and we heard from jeremy and zane that bryan got picked up. nice right? he was our ride home too, i guess he had other plans in the end. ugh. what the fuck ever. zanes sister was nice enough to give me and renee a ride home though. so that worked out i guess. except that i started crying in the car. great. i think zane heard be because he kind of caressed my arm...i thought that was sweet, considering that i figured he wouldnt care, or wouldnt think on it. well i got home and it took forever for my dad to let me in the damn house so i was eaten up by mosquitos in the process. just wonderful. im still itching by the way, if anyone gives a damn. all in all, most of my day sucked ass. erin never showed up so that blew me away completely. but then again i must learn not to get my hopes up because very rarely does anything go through for stephanie. well, i WAS talking to zane online a few minutes ago but he had to go to jeremys. so whatever now i have nothing to do so ill probably turn in, in like 30 minutes or so. bye. --Stephanie

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