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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2003 at 7:48pm
Current mood: sick
Music: another perfect day- AMERICAN HI FI
Subject: i thought i had tonsilitis, but that bitch of a doctors conviced i dont (moron)
exams exams exams... its not that bad cuz i get to wear pajamas to school and i dont even cram that much, just right before the test for like an hour (short term memory :-P) yup, well since i havent filled this in recently, ill tell ya wut went down (haha superghettoshiznittalk) well lets see on friday all ma homegirls came to ma crib (ok stopping the ghettotalk now) that being Lauren, Emily, Jackie and Kathy... and me. Then we ate cheese burgers and got ready for hours and hours (cough emily cough) and we were gonna go to the movies and see Finding Nemo cuz that movie looks like the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsack hahahahaha but it was sold out :( so instead we saw the italian job :) but it was scary when they all shot eachother :( but it was fuckin AMAZING when they had the all mini cooper car chase scenes- i was in in heaven :-) then garett (who we met there before the movie, by the way) (and is kathy's bf by teh way) had to leave :( but then us girls went to boomer to ride gocarts :) but then we hadta wait in line for like 45 minutes and i get really sick when i breath in those engine fumes and stuff so i was really sick to my stomach :( but then we gotta go on the go carts weeee zoom zoom :) BUT THEN i noticed something.... THERE WERE HUGEASS BUGS EVERYWHERE! no i swear to god, the cicadas were out or something and these huge bugs that looked like cockroaches but only alot BIGGER were like FALLING OUT OF THE SKY and they were smushed all over the track !!!! :( :( but then we got drinks :) then lauren was like prodding one of those apocalypse bugs with a stick and it was so huge and i have like a phobia of them and was about to cry :( but then my mommy came and rescued us!!!! :) then we were gonna go home and watch chitty chitty bang bang (which is such a fun movie) but i couldnt find it at my house :( so then out of my amazing video collection of about 5, we decided we'd watch American Beauty cuz they hadnt seen it :) then we made lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of NACHOS in my microwave :-D then we were all amazed by the movie cuz its so hardcore deep and thought provoking and it rocks :) then we did some other stuff until like 5 oclock in the morning at which point we fell asleep :-/ then the next morning we made chocolate chip pancakes and smoothies! :-D yum! then they all left :( then i hadta go pay my debt to society by being tortured to death by 8th grade st. andrews princesses with prada purses and actually spend time with them :( but it was my friend's bday party so i HAD to go cuz she's a real good kid and all, it was just torture (note: it included a hummerzine and lots of tiffany's jewelry and ironed straight hair- which really isnt my "cup of tea") theeeen i forget what happens next but somehow it ends up beign rite now, with me sitting in front of my laptop complete with non-tonsilitis while writing in this instead of studying for my exams tomorrow (which would be the slightly more intelligent option) yup soooo that seems about the gist of it all. have a good life.
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