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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2003 at 11:09am
Current mood: aggravated
Music: You Know It Co& Ca
Subject: somtimes i hate people
honestly...I am coming to the realization that boys stay immature there whole fukin lives!!!! flat out..last nite I was in the EMO chat and some douche kid IM's wanting a pic blah blah so he asks me how old I am and I'm like 22..hes like 22?!??! a 22 year old punk???? YES I AM 22 AND I LOVE MUSIC SO EAT SHIT BASTARD!!! Then this douche has the nerve to say some shit about being past the identity crisis. Ok listen you ignorant 18 year old motha prob jumped on the punk band wagon when bands like good charlotte appeard on your MTV...well thats fine but dont fukin judge me like you fukin know me...Music is a outlet for ALL people of ALL ages. There is no age limit on music...ok so what if I was a hippie...and listened to Steve Miller Band and The Dead all day...explain my identity crisis then u fuker...honest to god, music has saved me soo many times and this just pisses me off. I don't know where I would be if I didnt have the music I have. SOOO many of these artists have touched my life with there words and talent and there is no fukin restriction on that. It's like people think that listenin to punk and shit is a trend...well all I have to say to that is ...I went to my first warped tour in 1995 so eat shit you fukin peice of shit...honest to fukin god...I am so lucky to start listening when I did...if I was a year later I would have never been blessed with the live beauty of fuk of you piece of shit boy!!!

Identity Crisis???? Yo mother fuker I am Johnny Crisis' niece so bak the fuk up one probably has any idea what that means unless you listen to Love In Reverse...shout to Mike Andreas and Uncle Johnny Crisis..where the fuk have you guys been I miss you!!

So is music...there are no age limits...yea you grow out of trends...but to me music is my life...I couldnt live without the music around levels keeps me sane...for the most part lol...label me however you wish...but dont tell me that I am too old to listen to punk....for god's sake I am only 22...half the bands you listen to have members in it older than me...god it really made me pissed of and depressed...I am not trying to feel young again through my music...I am still YOUNG!!! It is not like I am 45 here lol...I may be a adult with more responsibilities ...but there is not fukin identity crisis each his fukin own!!!
Fight Me LoL
Fight Me

ok ...thank god for stef I woulda never woke up this morning...someone help me understand why brad is like living w me ...4 days in a row of staying at ..where ...oooo yea ....wait ...MY FUKIN APT>...stef is lookin to get her ass kicked out...yes she payed for food shopping but I have not asked her for a dime of rent since she moved in so she can pay for the food...since her and brad eat half of it anyway is it helping me w the your bf doesnt live w me ...this a favor for mom and dad ...its not ur fukin place to if u and brad wanna spend every waking minute together do it at his house...i pay alotta fukin money to have my own place and i would like to come home for once and be able to sit down on my couch alone and watch my tv that i pay for....asdfkjasdfnasdfams,ndf,a.msdf
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