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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2003 at 5:51pm
Current mood: pissed the fuck off. >.<
Music: *manson*fight song*
Subject: ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so it's almost 6 at night now, and i doubt very seriously that erin's going to show up. well all of those plans are now shot to hell. ive called her about 4 times since 3:00 in the afternoon and she hasn't answered the phone or anything, maybe i should have given up around 5:00 and just went to the mall with renee. well 4 get that. if she wasn't going to show up i just wish she would hav called me or something to let me know watz goin on. or called me back. urgh. now i dont even know what im gonna end up doing tonight. latetia and ashley came over here earlier after me and ashley and sam got back from 711. they tried to drag me over to latetias house and get me to go to the dance but im like uh excuse i dont need to sit and watch a bunch of fags dance around and act stupid excuse my fucking french. 8th grade isnt that special and f you think its such a big deal now you little retards arent even in highschool anymore. there are plenty more dances ahead so just shut up and leave a girl to herself damnit. ugh!
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