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kate (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2003 at 9:38pm
Music: Bush - Mouth
Subject: /
The all-nighter was alright. It was pretty damn boring. Better than being at home though. I met some people and got to know some others. Well, actually I met um, 2 people. Mitch and Eric. And I sort of got to know Mitch and Joe. More than I knew before anyway. After I got home, I watched a movie before I went to bed. Then I slept until around 4:30. I'm not gonna go to sleep tonight probably. Probably wont be able to. I didn't do much today. I haven't much of a today either though so... ah, fuck my excuses. I'm just a lazy bum, doomed in this world. I'm glad school is over. I think. I want to go to high school. I'm gonna take a shower now.
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