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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2003 at 2:52am
Music: nico-the fairest of the seasons
I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but I never felt up to the task until now. So here we go.

If there was ever a year to look back on and reflect upon in my life so far, this school year would be a front-runner. A lot of changes, occured, good and bad. But overall, it was a fun ride. I guess.

I came to the first day of band camp, a little taller, voice a little deeper, penis still the same size. Band camp...what a waste. That's the first moment when I thought to myself "why am I not a drama kid?" But it came and went, and soon enough it was the night before the first day of school. Now I'm not going to lie; I didn't really enjoy high school my freshman year. All of my good friends from middle school went to other high schools, I was a loser, and had no identity. The year went by fast, making lots of acquaintances, but no true friends. I also was not part of any group or clique, which I kind of wanted, like it was back in middle school. So I had a long summer, alone in my room, listening to the Pixies and Pavement.

But back to my sophmore year. I didn't know what to expect from this 15th year of my life. Classes began, and I felt more comfortable in them, knowing more people. I began to crack more jokes, like I did middle school. And through band, I started finding more of a group. I'd say the first seeds of any popularity came through Frugby. Going over to Andrew's before games truly was the best part of the week. Between hearing them jam and the actual game of Frugby, it was quite an experience. I realized that these were the kids I wanted to hang out with for the rest of my high school days. However, I sincerly doubted that the feeling was mutual at the time. I mean, they were all nice to me, but they didn't know me well.

So as the band soared into inadequacy, I began to have more fun. Hung out more, talked more, went to Denny's more, hated ryan merkel more, etc. I was also kind of owning most of my classes in one-liners. Mostly just the classes with a large amount of white preppy kids. I was also raping all of my classes, except ap history, but thats because i never read the stuff. So as I came to winter break, I was happier. I still wasn't totally part of the group, but I still hung out with them in school.

Winter break was pretty good. Don't remember much from it. I do remember one of the best nights of the year though. The night of christmas when i was saved from my drunken in-laws by the Garbarinos. We went to go see Two Towers with paul h. also, but it was soldout. So we hit up boomer's and then we drove to Veteran's Park at about midnight. And the weather was so nice. And that's where me and noah and ben started talking about making the Lord of the Rings Garb/Rose joint. Quite possibly the best idea that never happenend.

So I came back from Winter break, and drifted along for awhile. Until Noah told me one day that him, Ben, Andrew, Keith, and nick had made a band. So, remembering that my video camera was drawing dust in the corner, i asked if i could come film them. We all know how that turned out. This was kind of a turning point. I hadn't really hung out with andrew the whole year, even though we talked in math class the year before. This was also about the time Keith and I had started talking more at lunch and becomign friends. So I've already talked about the whole adastra deal before in this journal, so I'll spare you the details. But hanging out with the band at andrew's house and going to shows really was probably the funnest point of this year.

So spring break rolled around, and it was eaisly the best one I've ever had. It started with Shane's party, which was seemingly one of the last times the whole group, subdivisions and all (god that sounds dumb, i'm sorry), hung out together. Then I got to do some riding around with the kerrs and noah going to see Fallen From the Sky. Because if you don't live for'll see there's no tomorrow. punk rawk. Then I had the shindig at my house, which was great. Showing donnie darko to the masses was nice, and just having all of my friends over was charming. Sort of was a defining example of how far i had come in one year.

The last nine weeks went by quite quickly. I guess i should mention the whole girl situation, but what is there to say? I shall never mention again to anyone if i find a girl attractive. Unless Queen Latifah shows up in my biology class next year. Then I might have to bring in the noise, and quite possibly the funk as well. I doremember how the last day felt so surreal. I just had the line "From the age of 20 to 22 I had 5 friends; none of whose names I can recall" from Spider in the Snow in my head all day. Kind of eerie.

So as I finish up this recollection, I think about all the people I met and/or became friends with this year. Cary is quite possibly the smartest kid I know, and also one of the few kids who shares any musical interest with me. He is also maybe the only kid who was consistently nice to me everyday this year, even when i probably acted like a douchebag to him. And yes, I listenend to all the tapes you made me. Ian is a great kid. Very hyper, but still a funny guy. The time he walked into the band room in a speedo and the look on ms stoneman's face was quite possibly the funniest thing of this whole year I saw. Sara B. and Abby. Good girls. Their emo shit is grating on my ears. But math class was awesome with you guys, and i enjoyed making mix cds for you sara and having abby cut my leg hair. Well, i didnt like that very much, but still. Devin would easily take the cake as nicest kid I've ever met. And he's a damn good Marty McFly as well. Holly...what a fatass. Krystal is crazy. But she is also smart and interesting to talk to. Her, Heather and Sammy K. are the best fanclub noah could ever have. I enjoyed leaving class to go hang with them at lunch. Lil Dan is probably the kid I acted like the biggest douche too this year, and I felt bad about it. But we kind of made up, and allow him to call me 20 times a day without hanging up on him that often. Brian Egan is my favorite 1970's date rapist ever. Seriously. Maria is a girl who was nice to talk to during the second semester. She likes Donnie Darko, which rocks. Keep that boyfriend of yours too; he's a damn nice guy as well. Ryan Nagel was already a friend from middle school, but i got to know him a lot better this year. I maybe never smiled wider than the day two weeks ago when we were walking to the buses and he told me that he didn't hate his life anymore, because of the friends he had gained this year. Austin hot. I was digging this kid before it was cool to dig him. Which doesn't mean shit i guess, except to me. Best freshman in my opinion. I should feel bad about always making fun of Lizzie McGuire in front of Shane, but i don't. He's a good guy though; I promise him that I will get him his Hilary by the time I graduate. Jake money. Anca and Arianne both scare me. I think they would appreciate me saying that. A.J, band class was not the same without you. Keep up the heroin; if not for you, than for your kids. are still a good friend in my book. Even though the wasabi was a little harsh. Sharif could most definitely beat me up. Thanks for refraining from doing so for a large portion of the year. Twister10 is probably the best relationship sara ever thought i had. Dave, you are the only kid who loves Madden as much as I do. The Garbarinos and the Kerrs...what can i say about you. Andrew, you are one of the few kids that I like hanging out with, and definitely one of the only people who I can deal with being made fun of by. The fat joke war Keith and I had this year were classic. Thanks for all the rides Ben, and for not holding my Tenacious D liking from freshman year against me. And Noah is one of the few kids who has been a friend since my freshman year. The nights spent with you guys made my year, not kidding.

Well, now that I mentioned every kid ever, I can wrap it up. Am I happier now than I was a year ago? More so than you could imagine. And that's what counts, right? Well, actually, money, penis size, and hair are what really count. But happiness would definitely be in the top-ten things that count. It might sneak into the top-5, but that's doubtful.

much love

drew r.
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