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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2003 at 2:01pm
Subject: ..stuff
well hey there buddy whats up?wellshit sucks as usual. imin my5th hour class right now and they are in the process of having apizza party.i didnt pay so im not involved with it,not a big deal though. im tired as hell and things just keep on getting worse.i dont know why i even try anymore because things are never gonna be the same between me and him. in case youre wondering,yeah it DOES happen to suck the biggest balls ever. i guess i havent had the time to update in a while soz im gonna try to remember all of this crap. welltoday kathy might come over after school and if she does im gonna steal her pretty happy bunny pen. im so pissed off right now, cus i dont think erin is gunna be able to come over this weekend.hopefully our plans will go through for once.::crosses fingers::cus i had a concert to go to but if she comes down then i just wont go. yupyup. then friday i might go to the well have to see how everything works out. kristen didnt come to school today.i miss her. shes my sexy bitch.yup yup. we got little certificates just now for being in the yearbook..i won for fastest typer..interesting, only not really. but it was a nice gesture. well the bells gonna ring soon so ill go and probably update again later. bye.-Stephanie
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