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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2003 at 3:42pm
Current mood: bored
Music: The Starting Line
Subject: this makes no sense
Hello, people. How are you today? Oh really? that's fascinating. wow. OK I'm so incredibly bored right now. I haven't wirtten in this thingy since March 12th. Aren't you proud of me? that's like three months. see, wow. ok mow I'm home all alone for the whole week, then next week I'm going to wisconsin, then the week after I have drivers ed, segment 2. I'm not gonna see my friends for like three weeks and now, when I'm bored I can't get ahold of them so yeah. I hope they're out having fun somewhere. They wouldn't tell me anyways. this isn't helping. It's making it worse, damnit, this thing is so depressing. I think that's why I stopped writing in the first place. so goodbye. have a splendid summer!!!!!!!!!
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