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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2003 at 11:14pm
Current mood: content
Music: behind the music-ozzy
Subject: crest white strips are the devil
I jus thad the best conversation in my entire life. My dad came..i waited all day. we went to burger king and talked. and he actually listened this time..we starting talking about some harder stuff so we decided to go outside..and i really told him everything. how i didnt feel close to him growing up but that now i do...and howi felt about my mom and why i dont date anyone and why i always have to be in control because of all was really amazing..the best. really the best conversation wasnt happy it wasnt sad it wasnt deep. it was just. amazing in every sense of the word. my dad told me about how he is self conciouses...about how he felt about the faliure of his and my moms marriage..i mean man...its all i could ever ask for right now...just to tell someone im sad..and that i cry..and they know. they know what im feeling and they wont tell me to pertend to be happy or that i will get over it..we wont get over it..but some day we will smile again. and it wont be fake
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