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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-13-2003 at 2:14pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: The Offspring- Self Esteem
Subject: of which i have n o n e..but thats alright.
yeah..whatever. yesterday was the last da of school and i ended up going afterall. i basicly made a promise to myself that i wouldnt cry when it was all over but like everything else i broke that promise as well. i think it was my friend sharleens fault because she said she was going to miss me and then she started crying. and then as everyone was walking out the door ms. holland was hugging everyone and she started crying so then i went and hugged her and i bursted into tears. then i got saira and michelle crying as well. and renee began to tear up but then she just broke out laughing..go figure. oh well thats just her. then i saw jew boy and got even more sad cus i doubt ill see joshy much over the summer unless its at the mall. so i hugged him and we walked out of the school with our arms around eachothers waist..yeah that was pretty fancy. welll i was pretty much done crying when i saw greg outside..then i got teary again because im just retarded like that. then greg saw me crying and he started crying and he told me he wuved me and then he hugged me and when he bent down to do so he started crying all over my cheek and my shoulder, which only made me cry more. then i watched him get on his bus to go home, and after that i returned to kathy, renee, melody, and jennifer. i said goodbye to saira and then she left as well. and then melody. nd i was just having minor sobs after that. i didnt say goodbye to zane that day but i doubt it would have mattered to him anyway because he got to spend the entire day with his beloved ashley whom hes dating and bragged about so unprecautiously. least he got some that day. well, then kathy and renee came over and we all hung out at my place for a while. kathy left first and then renee left a little while later on. i was grounded for something that happened between me and my mother at home, so i coouldnt go online or anything.i tried to go on later on that night to look for warped tour dates, but my mom caught me and took my lap top ouot of my room. well this morning she left with my grandma so i just hung out and did a whole bunch of nothing at home, and then i went online which im doing now and currently im arguing with zane. oh fun, please note the sarcasm. ugh, i hate this. goodbye.
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