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Orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2003 at 3:55am
Current mood: sigh
I guess its now official: I'm slowly going bald.
I never really noticed it, but over the last few months I always had a few hairs fall out here and there. I thought nothing of it; it didn't bother me in the least. About a week or two ago, I saw that the hair on the back of my head near the crown was getting a little thin, and my hair line is slightly receding in the front. At first I thought that I was just over exaggerating, but today I showed it to my dad. At 54, he still has a full head of hair and is slowly but surely going bald. He told me just what I didnít want to hear; that I am most likely going bald. Thatís such a scary thought, that at 17 I am already doing something that most men do around 40. I don't know what to do. I thought about Rogaine, but I've heard itís not worth the hassle of having to do it every day. It could also be stress related. Getting the boot from Atlantic and having to leave all my friends, or at least pseudo-friends was a harsh blow. School got really stressful and pointless after that. My summer is virtually stress free, and that could be a plus.
I think this balding deal could have been my subconscious reasoning for growing my hair out. Anyone who knew me well knew that my hair usually wasn't longer than an inch at the most, but now it falls down almost to the tip of my nose (I do have a big nose btw). I use less gel and wax and shit, so it canít be too bad. I figure I'll cut it back to normal soon because I'm pretty close to having a 60's mop topÖ not that those arenít cool as hell, but cool on people other than me.

Jeez, I hope this isn't for real.

People would always tell me that I was going to go bald some day from all the gel I put in my hair, and I would reply that at the time I go bald thereís going to be some amazing cure for baldness. Where the fuck is that cure now?
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