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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2003 at 4:39pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: spitalfield
Subject: everything sux
Hi. OK so much for the not writing here anymore. yeah, I 'm just way too bored. its ridiculous. I need a hobby. no that's too much work. My computer's broken so I can't play on that. I'm using my mom's and its really slow. it sux. well, how is your summer going? yeah? wow. so I went to Wisconsin for "vacation" last week. who goes to wisconsin for vacation? there's nothing there. it was so boring. and next year we're supposed to go to Arkansas. my family is retarded. cuz It's my grandparents who get to choose and they're all old and stuff.
My sister is having problems too and I know you want to hear about those. See, the night before her open house, she roled her car into a tree. then she didn't call the police because she'd get her lisence revoked. and then she gave money to her firends brother to fix the car because he ahs a body shop and his girlfirend took the money and hasn't been seen since.
Oh and the sheriff called our house and said that we were breaking the law by having more than two cars registered and insured. apparently its a township ordinance thing. its so lame.
also on the way to wisconsin I was driving and my dad was supposed to be giving me directions and we passed our hotel so he told me to turn around, and i did a u-turn which apparently are illegal but nobody saw me or anything. well now my mom won't let me drive anymore and I have to take drivers ed tomorrow. grrg, it sux. yeah, so everything is sooo messed up its hilarious.
I really hope your summer is going better than mine. well have a nice day. bye now
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