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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2003 at 4:54pm
Current mood: essited....or AM i?
Music: ..yeah...THAT one..
Subject: ray peed in the bush!!!..."So you havent updated in forEVER"
yeah..i havent updated in a while have i...yeah whatever. going out with Ray gunna tell nebuhdee but ppl find out anyway. so i gesh i did. just bin going too the sk8 park alot hang out place.. erins here for a while! yeeeees! hopefully she can stay longer....bang bang bang..... =) yeah well...not alot to say, ppl have bin scaring me all morning about ray and his "rep" ...but he just doesnt come off that way u kno;? and anywayz, hen likes for now until hes on top of somebody rigiht in front of me i gess i can let it slide...::sets up cameras all ovr his house:: ..yeah...but reeally hes awesome..aww...i wuv him. bleh...wells im gonna go cus i needta keep the hen company...yeah thats right! ill update l8er..but dont even THINK that means youre gettinng juicy info on me and ray..dont even THINK on it. hmph. i see you losers. ::pulls you all out of the bush::...he peed in there. yeah thats right. pee on who? pee on YOU! bye fuckers. -Ste[p]h

so youve decided to kill yourself.....
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