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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2003 at 1:57am
Subject: A car? fueled by my melancholy, baby...
Dear Mr. J,

I've taken into consideration and confirmed that I'm still existant. It's been a longgg, hard month, and my capillary capacity in my lungs is still declining by every second.

Anyway, I live with my pee and step-em for a bonified remainder (until I decide to bail out). And the whole thing with living with my mom is over...Over! I didn't think I could make it. I almost ran away, once.

I was looking for a homeless shelter and everything, and I found a nice comfy park bench. But, I hadn't eaten anything all day, or had a cup of liquid. Overall I had about three choices; sleep in Aberdeen, stay in the cemetary, or go home and get a reaming.

I decided to walk by the house and see if anyone was home, and they were. So, I sat out front, smoked some, then went inside. And my uncle and mom chewed me out for having the worst non-god-worshiping personality in the world. A big fuck to that.

Now I live with the "real" rents. Which deserves a good bam and zing.

- No liscense
- No job
- No highly time consuming life
- No diploma

I'm working, and have been working on it. There's a lot of strip malls and shit here. No books stores though, and that's shity. I think I still have credit at the last one I was at.

And that about raps up the liner notes, Mr. J.

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