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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2003 at 10:13am
Current mood: feeling kinda bad
Music: Stupid Girl by Cold
Subject: I feel bad......

So yesterday after my bro's surgeon appointment thingy my mom called and was like he did something to his growth plate near his ankle so they can't really see. But he has a brace and has crutches. I feel really bad thinking he was lying. But he's been realy nice to me so far. Not like "Ohh, I'm cripple so you have to do everything for me!".

Today Amy is gonna come over ( I think ~ she hasn't called yet ) and we are gonna paint my room. We are gonna have sushi for lunch - YUM YUM!!! Only because my dad is going upto Tallahassee for today and tomorrow and my mom can't cook. LOL.

EWW. Now the music video is Madonna ~ I think she's getting a little old to do music videos. Her voice isn't bad but I don't like seeing a person the age of my mom acting and dressing like a 25 year old in music videos.
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