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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2003 at 10:45am
Current mood: enraged
Music: Coheed & Cambria ~Everything Evil
Subject: Fuck Alcoholism
dude totally royally fuk my stepdad in his fuking ass. I just called my mom to ask her if I could stop by this weekend and throw some stuff in the laundry bc my sister came over to shower yesterday and fukin flooded my whole bathroom so anything in the bathroom is saturated in water and smells like wet dog ick! But anyway my mom sounded upset and exhausted she told me she got no sleep and when she asked why she told me my dog was hit by a car last nite. My step dad is a fukin drunk douche bag and has been since the day he met my mother. All I remember of middle school and high school is him drinking then gettin pist off and using my mother as a punching bag. I can't fukin wait till his comes around. This man is a waste less mother fuker and I wish horrible fukin things to him. He fukin takes the dog out with no freaking leash on. Now my dog Jack is a Jack Russel and they are VERY hyper active dogs and when Jack sees something...leash or no leash that boy jets lol...well Jacky Boy saw kids across the street and hes a very friendly dog he loves kids, so he ran across the street and went under the tire of a car!!! HE is fine but he is my mothers baby and this would have never happened had my douche bag asswipe cock sucker step dad not have been drunk and most likely high. Over the last 4 years the man has persisted to do drugs in plain view of my mother and everyone else around...I pray for the day he goes overboard and overdoses. This man has beaten my mom almost to death...but love is blind and my mother is a victim of a bad grandmother was the same exact way...she has been a alcholic drug addict for as long as I can remember. I remember being like 8 years old and my mom would have us there swimming in her pool and she would run to the store and we could see her and friends shooting up in the background...well needless to say my grandmother got what was coming to her..she is now HIV positive from intervenious drug use. It is quite sad actually. I havent spoken to the woman since I was 9 years old. I feel no pity for her either. She has gone to meetings and she still persists to drink and use. Due to the way she treated my mother during her childhood my mother has a co-dependency and lets people abuse her and treat her like shit bc that is all she new of love. It is sad to say but I see these aspects in myself and my two sisters. I have a tendency of taken mental and emotional abuse from people. I am trying very hard to change that. My sister let her exboyfriend beat soo sad to say that once I found out he was no longer with us...he took a long vacation and it became permanent. I am so sick of this man ruining our lives. I want my mother to be happy. I want her to be able to get out of there. I wish she never met him. I wish I never met him. I wish he would disappear too. Dude whatever I am fukin done...I am just makine myself even more pist rite now.
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