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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2003 at 10:50am
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Sweet Transvestite from RHPS , now it's Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Subject: DAMN PHONES!!!
Ok, let me first off state that right now I HATE ( if I knew how to bold that would be bold ) phones, cells, whatever! I hate them, they disturb sleep and need to die. Ok...that's off my chest.

2 days ago Amy and I painted 2 walls of my room light blue.. I like them, then I was showering and she was waiting for her mom to pick her up, and when I got out Amy was like "Hurry up, your sleeping over" So I slept over and we had a lotta fun. We made s'mores, swam, jacuzzied, and made cookies at around 10:45 at night. Then in the morning I was gonna go camp shopping with them but my mom called and was like "Your room needs to be finished" so she picked me up and I went home and she got paint.

As of now my room only has 1 more wall to do. But the smell of this particular paint makes me sneeze so my dad is gonna do that when he gets back from the gym today. YAY! NEW ROOM!!

Last night I babysat for this girl i never had babysat for before and she was soooooooooo cute and easy. Maybe because I babysat for an ADHD kid before. But when I got there she ran out and was like "Babysitter" and gave me a hug. She's 4 and the cuttest thing and lives in the NICEST house! Like you walk in and there is a BIG chandelier and everything. SO nice......

Today I dunno what I am gonna do. Veg maybe. Or work on summer assignments. Blah. I wanna sleep. Even though I woke up 30 minutes ago. sleep......

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