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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2003 at 4:58pm
Current mood: rejuvenated
Music: all my mix CD's i just made yesterday! wahooo
Subject: im the dandelion queen!
lovely lovely days.. summer days...
the dandelions are in bloom and i love to go out by the lake and sit in the feild of them and make dandelion-chain crowns and necklaces and stuff. flowers are so happy its like just because theyre happy little yellow specks in the grass, you can sit out on the swing forever looking at the world. because if all the flowers are there, it cant be so bad, rite? its fun to just sit there, swinging back and forth while patrick rolls in something in the grass and think. or "ponder" haha. i think about things from red hibiscus flowers to mint chocolate chip icies to the grand canyon to my shoes. i think about love, nature, why the sky is blue, turtles, crickets, old friends, new friends, music, and "what if"s. definately one of those perfect moments... thats wut happens on a lovely summer day...

p.s. i leave for camp in 2 days (sunday) write to me!
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