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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2003 at 12:19am
Music: broken social scene-late 90's bedroom rock for the missionaries
I don't want to sound bipolar, but today was great. Mom woke me up to tell me Sara had called. So I called her back, and soon enough Ian, Austin, and her were at my house. After I got some pants on, we rolled. Did some thrifting, because we are that punk rawk. Then we saw Devin and Anca driving in boca, so we followed them and Ian got their attention. Hung out with them for a little bit, twas nice. Anyways, we went bowling after we ran into the heavy metal guy outside the candle shop. Much fun was had, even though I was horrible. After hanging out at Sara's, which was fun, if only for the line "wait, you're brother is named Gerard?", which had Austin inexplicably almost shit himself, I was back at my house. My mom and I smoothed things over, which I hope is permanant. Then the family had some KFC, which was quite bitchin.

So, anyways, I'm quite happy right now. It was nice to spend time with 3 people I severly needed to spend time with. Much thanks to them.

And I will see you at the movies.
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