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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2003 at 1:17pm
Current mood: busy
Music: ahhh make the phones stop!!!
Subject: updates updates updates...sum pix enjoy
so yesterday just started as a bad day and it only got worse. I dunno maybe I was just in a bad mood bc I was stuck and had a million different places to be at once. So I ran around all day with Eric to do stuff for the baby shower which turned out nice. While at target getting the gift I spilt ketchup all over my shirt so of course we had to go back to my place so I could change, it ended up for the better bc I wore a dressier outfit and we got to wrap the gifts all up.
so yea ppl my leak in my bathroom has now turned to fungi. Yep Yep Yep...thats rite folks we've got mushrooms. Over my toilet of all fukin places. It's just rechid it sceeves me to even go in there now. Like the bathroom should be one of the top three cleanest places in your home along with your kitchen and your dining area. So yea my dad came to look it and he was like "Wow I figured you were just being a drama queen about this, but this is bad Leanne. What's the number to the office? I am no DRAMA QUEEN LFMAO!!!!!! my dad called the office and reemed them a new asshole over the answering machine. Fukin now you know where I get my ability to tell ppl off from..haha bitch I am german/irish from dads side and mexican/indian from moms side so I have a mouth like you cant imagine lol. But ANYWAY...this morning I awoke got in the shower and stef was like the manager came. I was like the super shes like no the wait let me fill u in a lil bit on this shit holes management. You have the girl in the office who is a dumb ho and doesnt do her job. She lies and puts shit off and just pisses me the fuk off. Then you have the super a scrapy looking kid. So the girl in the offices father owns the complex so he is the one to show up at my door. I have no idea what the man looks like for all teh 500 problems I have had he has never come over. So I am guessing my dad threatening to sue did some fucking good. My Sister answers the door and he tells her that he had no idea that this problem was goin on (which doesnt fukin suprise me at all..bc from the very beginning I was given the run around about this leak and blah blah there lazy motha know the deal). So he said they would be over first thing in the morning to get it fixed. Now what sux is...if this fungis is there...its problem in the whole's just this is the only place for it to get through now due to the dampness and weakness of the wall. What really sux is the AC vent is right fungi germs are all over my fukin house...creepy crawling all over the place...thank god I dont have a microscope, I would be living in my dam car. Oh yea there was a point...they are goin to have to tear down the wall to find out the problem. There is no way around that. So I am gonna have a nice talk with this manager fellow and show him my list of every problem I have had. Then explain to him that I would really hate to have to go to a higher level with this. That I really fell in love with this place when I first moved in. I mean heh it may not be no mansion but I work hard for this place and I dont wanna have to find a new place and run around I would just expect proper maintence and respect from the ppl who get my $760 a month lol. I would like a cut in my rent tho. I would like them to lower my august rent buy a few hundred bux for my troubles. I mean if they want me to keep my mouth shut and not go to my lawyer then "show me the money" haha I am so gay its not even funny sumtimes. shower that just got fixed two weeks ago now leaks again...I have fungus my stove doesnt lite on its own again I gotta use matches...the ac wasnt working door knob eats ur fingers hhaha...they had to replace my lock bc my key got stuck in it, freakin swarms of termites.. centipedes.. cmon now I think lowering my rent to like 500 next month is a great idea. I mean when I had the termites I had to shower elsewhere for two weeks and I dont even kno if they have treated the place yet. All rite enuff bitchin
so last nite was Idle Hour the new Sunday tradtition. I wasnt gonna go I was gonna go home and clean but what the hell rite , its summer I should be out having fun. So I went got Maura and met Beth her bro Mike and his roommate Jim there. Yea I<3 the bassist in the band soo much. Yo we have a matching thats a total sign haha. So mikes roommate is a cool dude he bought me a beer. I was kind of a loaner last nite...wasnt my partying self... I was tired and just wanted to be in my after that I drove maura home and drove all way back to the diner had some good cheese fries and some tea. Adam and Keith were there. It was cool then I went home ...went nite nite...thus u know how the morning started and now I am at work...I am super busy...Lisa(my boss...we work in the office together) is on vacation this week I am busy X10. I'll be back later on maybe...depends on the day.
Peace out skoutz
6-29 i was talkin to kev and we are gonna watch the EWOK ADVENTURE MOVIE!!!! for anyone that has never had the honor of seeing this movie go rent it NOW....I love this movie...everytime I see it I cry like a fukin baby...I remember crying in my moms lap watchin it from the time I was lil till like NOW haha...loser...yea so we agreed we will watch it ....ok so Eric finally got around to sending me some of the pix we have are the few he sent me ...he made me a cd of more later
Silly Face Loser
alt="sillyface" />
LeeLee -N- Beffy Silly Face
alt="leebeth" />
The Fishy Face
alt="leebethfishy" />
This is the fukin best...Leanne Beffy Eric...Charlies Angels?!?!
alt="charliesangels" />

Nite Nite I am soooo tired Zzzzzz
so yea rhi said I look like a biker chic here lol
wtf is that
mm hhmm dats rite
I was walking back to the car in Red Bank w/ Eric when I saw these..they were so cute I hadta take a picture...Red Bank rocked...SMOOTHIE KING!!!!!!!
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