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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2003 at 10:40pm
Current mood: content
Music: I'm watching road rules so I guess the sound.
Subject: I hope Abram kicks Donnel's ass!

I am watching road rules...and think that Abram is very cute and don't like Donnel. So just now Abram got p'od and went off and started punching Donnel and I hope Donnel gets hurt. OMG, now the producer has to go through the videos and shit........WOW!!

Last night Amy slept over and we had fun. My mom's friend that came over, her husband was SOOOOOOOO weird. When I was clearing the table and I would get up he would push a dish of something towards Amy as if saying "Aren't you gonna do something?". About an hour after the left we watched some tv, played word whomp and the computer with my mom and brother.

Today Amy and I had eggs for breakfast and realized we really don't like them and discovered that the coldstone pie from last night had a crust. LOL.

We went to her house and Target and out for lunch at Chili's and now I am watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the umpteenth time. Wow ~ that is really a funny word. I think I have a thing for older guys. Like famous guys fom movies: John Cusack, Matthew Broderick and Nicholas Cage.

Road Rules is over and I truly hope that Abram doesn't get kicked off.

"He makes you look like an asshole is what he does" -Grace from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
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