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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2003 at 11:06pm
Subject: The little green condom...
Dear Mr. J.,

My special objective list to rule the world:
1. Get dreads
2. Well, number two was a joke with a friend about scoring with, there is no two.
3. Acquiring one of those little statues that says "I love you this much". Those things are so "hot".
4. Four is a liar and says he's five so... (The bastard wears old school roller skates.)
5. Make a movie
6. Write a book
7. Find a hat that suits my head
a:/ end list

If I was a character in a sitcom, my gimmicky catch phrase would be "fucking kids". And I quote "I hate fucking kids". Especially ones that share a quarter of my gene soup. The fun part is the shitty realizations that you find in yourself from being around children all day.
I still haven't found a job, but I have my liscense. Um, job wise, I have a couple inhibitions that put me way low on the totem. Plus, I don't think people like earrings and a semi-natural. Here's a list of places I've gone:
- 2 Subways
- Burger king
- Ace hardware
- 2 Papa Johns
- Big boy's
- Pizza hut
- Dollar World
- Dollar General
- Meijers
- 2 Amoco's
- Meijer's Gas
- Speedway
- Shell Gas
- Clark Gas
- Talent Tree (Recruitment for factory work)
There's a couple others but I can't think of them.
I have a dollar in my pocket, and my pride is currently digesting. Maybe I could pay someone to stab my eye out and then I could collect insurance on it. Eh, eh?
...I live with my father permanently, which I'm trying to convince myself is a good thing. It is. It is.
Other little stuff, film at eleven. blah blah.
Your friend,
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