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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 7-12-2003 at 10:01am
Current mood: i dunno
Music: Top 20 on VH1
Subject: I dunno how to feel right now

Yesterday I didn't do anything until my mom got home from her doctors appointments around 2:15 or so. We picked my brother up from camp and came home. Then my dad came home from work around 3:20. So my parents dropped me off at Katherines house and I was there until 8:45ish. We had fun...played with beads ~ I dropped my bracelet like 1000 times and we watched the Matrix, but forgot my cell phone and went back to get it. LOL. And in the car we were listening to this weird thing on NPR and this guy was singing a song about how he's a poet and is fond of banana's. I feel the same way.

Oh yeah. Yesterday my dad's uncle died. I dunno how I feel becuase I didn't really know him he just came over for holidays like thanksgiving. My dad and mom are at his wife's house getting crap for the funeral like clothes he's gonna wear and drivers liscense. His daughter lives up in NY and when he was dying she didn't come down or anything, but now that he did die she's like I'll come down, so she's coming down tonight when the funeral's tomorrow at around 2! BITCH!!

I am leaving for camp tomorow and can't attend the dude's funeral. I feel bad. But whatever. If anyone wants to write me comment.
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