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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 7-22-2003 at 8:47pm
Subject: The monetary empire of domestication...
Dear Mr. J,

I wish I had robot arms. So, I could put them on printer mode and draw everything exactly as it is in my head.

I found a job (insue a thousand okapis playing djambes with their internal parasites) it's at Mr. Burger. The manager said I was one of the brightest kids he's met, which doesn't say much for this side of town. He's pretty cool. He does have that authoritative vibe going to him, but that's nothing I can't break.

Anyway, it's going to cost me at least twenty bucks to work their. ...That last statement was a little oxymoronic? Eh? Eh? I didn't really get to meet the other full time employees, but they seem to be quite splendid as well. I hate saying anything positive about the people in a work related disposition because I know in a couple months lapse. I'll be consuming my words.

Nothing really bad has happend as of yet. I almost got into a car accident this morning, but that's a scratch in a bowling ball. I've gotten in about nine throughout my life in every possible fashion that can be fathomed...without me driving. I have a little insomnia going, but I think that's about as natural as a ethopian with no food for someone of my...modulation.

I'm about due for something bad. So, if your out there bad, you better be ready cause I know your god damn tricks!

Love with cherries on top,

P.S. Props to Hazel for making me one of the brightest kids Craig's ever met.
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