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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2003 at 7:43pm
Music: Ben Kweller - Lizzy
Subject: A life based on a true movie...
This is the account of Mr. K:

Mr. K has a little problem with his face. Half is mangled and reconstructed from being beaten in at a bar brawl. The bar is called The Web. It's located on the corner of Richmond and Muskegon, about two hundred feet from my old house.

Mr. K's wife said she wanted a divorce previously that day. Mr. K was never taught to handle situations that involved the difficulties of emotions in any other way than to drown them.

Now, let's establish that Mr. K loved his wife very much despite the complications. Whether they be from him or her. She changed him in a lot of ways. For the better. He distinguished his cretinistic habits of womanizing, drinking, drug abuse, suicide, among a roster of minor mediums of self destruction.

Well, Mr. K didn't take his divorce announcement very well, and his old habits resurfaced. He went to a bar, and, this part's blurry. He's a very tall and shadowy type man. He looks like someone who'd start trouble, but then, at that point his cover was a total opposite to the content of his book. I'm not exactly sure if he said any condescending words to the man or not. He said he didn't.

The man dragged him, half inebriated, out of the bar, and beat him almost to death. Mr. K was rushed to ICU. Where they set him up on life support, and questioned whether to reconstruct his face or not. Over a period of time, his face was fused back together for the most part, with a little dab of metal and some other prosthetic shit.

He now looks like Quasi Modo.

His only salvation these days is his faith in god, and his only son. And if he trusts you enough, and respects you a little. He'll tell you his story, and his feelings, and his love for his wife, that he'll never have again. Just get some coffee with him, he'll tell. His childhood reminds me of something reminiscent to a kid in a third world country.

At the time of his residence in the ICU, Mrs. K had taken pictures of him. She gave them to him as his divorce present.

My story about the mishaps of a person who was misunderstood all his life. No chicken noodle soup with this one. Just a little personal venting.
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