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Orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2003 at 10:38pm
Current mood: content
Music: The Know How - HappyFunRobotKillTime
I think that is the greatest name out of all the albums I have in my collection.

So friday afternoon, I was in the gym, nearing the 45 minute mark while on the stationary bike. My mind started to wander as the CD I was listening to came to an end, so I decided to check out on the internet screen to see what was up. Turned out there was a Marlins game that night, and rookie all-star pitcher Dontrelle Willis was pitching. I hopped on to and text messaged my dad to see if he wanted to go to the game. Oh the technology! We went later and got the Publix special, two seats in the left field Club section for $18. Super.

The Marlins had an incredible comeback from being down 6-3 to the Phillies in the seventh to an 8 run eigth inning. I saw Mark Richman, or Richmond, or whatever sitting in my section. I really hate that kid. Okay, maybe not hate, but I really dislike him. I didn't get to sleep until 6:30 the next morning, and I had to be up around 9 the next morning.

Warped tour was decent, but not great. Not as fun as last year; though it was nice to walk around by myself and see the bands I wanted to see this time. Suki and I were two out of the twenty lucky people who saw The Know How's three song set in the tent stage. They are definately an underappreciated band, with a strong horn section. Big D and the Kids Table also played a great set in the tent, which was much more than I expected. They're a little too hardcore for my tastes, but still good. The Mad Caddies aren't a very good band, but they did play a great set. I was entertaned, but not impressed. Polka is only cool once.

The Suicide Machines - I've been a huge fan of theirs for well over a year now, ever since I picked up their used album for $8 at CD connection. I've yet to hear a bad song other than New Girl, which isn't a bad song, but just too pop-ish. I wasn't interested in seeing the Dropkick Murphy's play, so I went to the adjacent stage and got myself a spot against the front wall to see the Suicide Machines, who were going on next. I was front row center, and really fucking excited. I started to get sick halfway through Dropkick Murphy's set, and had to sit down on the floor and catch my breath and try not to throw up. I made it through just fine, and as the Suicide Machines went on, me and everyone around just went fucking nuts. It was packed as hell up front, but well worth it. They played a lot of their older songs, which was just fucking awesome. He really knows how to work the crowd. Twice he came and stood on the wall right infront of me, and let us sing. It was soo great, I wanted to go mosh and skank, but to get into a pit I would have to give up my spot up front, so I gave up on that idea. For the last song, he let the crowd choose, so he looked right at the kid next to me, and the whole group of us just screamed out for S.O.S. Oh man that was great. I have to say that was one of the best rock sets I've seen since Green Day, although during Green Day I was out in the grass at Coral Sky, which is nothing compared to being in the front row. I met the band at their tent later. They are real nice guys.

After that there wasn't much more I wanted to see besides Jess Than Jake. They were very dissappointing. I'm not really down with their new album, and they were one of the more popular bands so it was packed like fucking sardines. I wasn't impressed with them, and then some girl who was crowd surfing landed on my neck. it hurt, BAD. I left after that happened, and they were the last band I saw.

this year was nice and plesant. I only saw the bands I wanted to see, and didn't have to suffer through crappy bands or bands I didn't like (NOFX last year). Someone said that Pepper is a really good rock/reggae band, so I'm a little upset that I didn't get to see them, as well as Thrice. I'm not really Thrice a fan, but I did want to see them. Oh well. It was nice to not have to tag along with a stoner that has bad taste in music. Fun times.

Woke up, worked 8 and a half hours today. Came home. Wrote this Journal entry. Wrote this sentence. Then this one. And this one too.

Then clicked update and left.
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