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lookatmemynameisdustin (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-2003 at 1:13am
hi everyone,

this one might be long. just a warning. ignore spelling.

recently i have been critised for writing in my journal. ive gotten responses like "why the hell do you have to write in that, thats so gay" and "why do you have to rell strangers about everything thats gay"
well ive given that thought. and to my conclusion i belive that people write in this to incriminate others. they say things about people that they think other people should know(because they cant tell them themselves because ofdiffrent reasons like not being mature/approached)
for example:
********-im going to save his name because im a better person

leftoverscars: hey ***** dont have to talk to me . just wanted to say hi. thats all
:*****. who is this?
leftoverscars: dustin
*****.: your right, i don't have to talk to you
*****. signed off at 11:44:48 AM.

your probabaly thinking the same thing i am"what a dick"right ?
well your right because i still dont know what their mad about i keep on trying but i either get the finger or the cold shoulder. its rediculious.

anyways, im trying to prove a point but i got off track. i refuse to belive that people should have to keep secret about things like cheating , ECT. i think if a person does that to someone they deserive to
a)be humilated
b)be hurt back
c)be on the reciving end of some weird act of karma
im not saying im not guilty. im just losing it. you know what nevermind that whole thing i dont know where i was going.

so im staring a new band. with robby. itll be great i can feel it. better than that horrid peice of shit that was "bruce said checkers". hopefully itll work.

so if your bored call me. i dont want to lose you too.


ps-wow reading over this im sorry you wasted your time. but thanks anyway.
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