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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2003 at 12:10am
Current mood: ouch
Music: lets go bowling
I just realized that its 12:00 and I just missed Family Guy. damnit

Some girl that was crowd-surfing landed on my neck on Saturday. It hurt for a few minutes, but it felt allright afterwards. I woke up this morning, and holy fuck it hurts like hell. Also, I was getting in the shower this morning, and I got hurt again. Ya know how theres the caps to shampoo, where if ya press down on one side, the pther side pops up, and the shampoo comes out of the side that popped up. Well this morning, as I was in the shower, I went to wash my hair, and as I pressed the top on the shampoo, from the other side a gob of shampoo with god-like accuracy hit me directly in the right eye. Holy Fuckin Shit that burned. My eye was tearing, burning, and I was freaking out all at the same time. After rinsing it out quite a few times and adding eye drops I was all better, but it is still all red.

My neck still hurts, but I guess I'm just lucky that my mom works for a Chiropractor, which allows me to go for free. Speaking of my mother....        she was in my dad's work truck the other day. She decided to go with him on a job, because she had never been. That was all fine and dandy, but like all International 4700 trucks, the cab sits over 4 feet in the air. Theres a set of stairs to be used to get in and out, as well an attached bar to grab. Its not that hard. But my mom, clueless as she is, didn't realize the truck sits 4 feet in the air, and as she was getting out, she just stepped out blindly and landed on the steel steps which are attached to the gas tank. Apparently this knocked the wind out of her and had her on the ground in pain for a few minutes. She fractured her rib cage.

Come on now, how can ya not realize that you'r getting out of a truck that is 4 feet in the air? My mom is just dumb. Period.

Im tired.
<3 A.J.
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