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Orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 8-3-2003 at 1:52am
Current mood: tired
Music: Tool - Lateralis (mmmm....)
Subject: Like OMG. Im going back to Atlantic.
yea, for real. I am.

in other news:

name: A.J., Arthur
age: 17
reason for woohu username: Its the same as my screenname. I'm not very creative
aim sn: or fwa shere
reason for aim sn: got it from my nickname, Orf, which I got in Hawaii at the Polynesian Cultural Center during dinner. You, your brother, Devin Ganesh, David Warren, me, and a few other people were talking about how to screw up a child, mostly by the crazy names ya could give it. I mentioned the name "Orf" and it became my nickname for the rest of the trip, and seemingly the rest of high school.
do you enjoy reading my woohu: yea.
why: I have no life, so I live vicariously through other people, and reading about them in their journals. Plus you write some good stuff.
intresting fact about you: I'm not very interesting, but my bedroom is cooler than any other bedroom I've ever seen, so by all means: my room > everybody else's room, and therefore my room > your room.
weird fact about u: I don't actually hang up my clothes, I just kinda leave them in a big pile on my desk and throw them in the dryer before I wear them.
quote: "The best quotes happen randomly, and don't follow the word quote."
will you post this in ur woohu: it looks like it
if you see me out in the streets would you say hi: yea. I'd buy you a Boston Kreme Donut.

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