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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2003 at 2:39am
Current mood: groggy
its so much fun, my mom and i have been going paint-crazy. we're painting out whole house (the inside, not the outside) first we just went one day to get paint and we painted all the hallways (and there are a lot of them) this orangey yellowy color. it makes me feel like im walking through a hallway of butter (actually it looks more like orange sherbert or a peach smoothie, but thats not what it feels like). next we're painting hte dining room this really light seafoam greeny/bluey color and the laundry room's gonna be bright lime green hahaha. my brother's bathroom will be dark red and the living room- we havent decided yet.

the rest of the day i float around my pool on this big orange flower floaty thing listening to the far-off thunder rumble until my mom comes out and tells me to get out (she thinks ill get struck by lightning or soemthing when the storms really far away i dont kno shes weird) and tomorrow im making some amazing brownies i got the recipe for (hence yesterday's wierd incomprehensible entry)well im goin to sleep. gnite.
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