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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2003 at 9:33pm
Current mood: pleased
Music: |>x<| *So Gone* |>x<|
Subject: |>x<| I'm Married! |>x<|
babisistah421: hey mr. horny
SiC RhYmEz: hey mrs. horny
babisistah421: uh uh
SiC RhYmEz: yup
babisistah421: so now we married or suttin?
SiC RhYmEz: yup
aww I'm listening to Cyrus {ray's brotha} talk to me on da fone about his game and how Jim Carey's eye from the Teen Choice Awardz was real when it wasn't. Okay dat guy Sam dat jus came on and gave shoutouts was a loser icu sike nah. Now Ray's singin. "hey hey hey, how do u like it? how do u like it?" Aww! He's singing da "ay oh, let's go" commercial and his ABC'z. Aiight who are dem two white girls singin?! Hey Get Mine, Get Your's is on. I let Ray listen to it. Ya noe wut I really need 2 get Stripped! Is that Paula Abdul lookin lyke dat? Yes it is! Lordi Kobe jus got an award..he look kinda good rite thurr! No Yolanda... :) man if dem white girls don' stop SCREAMING!! Aww! He's about to cry..I see da tears...dat is touching. When you see a man bout to cry on national television..Britney Spears and the Rock! Ooh where iz Boo. Making Da Band 2 iz comin on!

u r so sim!!!!! u are very active and u get

brought to you by Quizilla

Haha..I get around. I need to get Bringin Down Tha House!!!!! Did Latifah loose weight?? She looks different...a lot she pulled a Missy or suttin! Why is that black boi jus always there ? icu No she DIDN'T jus shout out 2oo3- 2oo6 wat about 7? Well I'm part of o3!

OooOooh Fred is suckin him thumb and fallin asleep. Haha Choppa! Dat band gon' have good songs but dey gon' be like a 1 hit w0nd3r.

Hahaha! Dis result iz hot!

I feel like working on my G30citi35 website {can u read dat??} Oooh SHIT Mysterious iz back y'all! Ooh dat True Life look good! And dey got all dese sangin folk now! Uh Uh Uh oooh!

Looorrrdddd "there can't be two female rappers...ooh no no no"-Babz. Mysterious iz back! Dag...Dylan sayd her lyrics are garbage. Eww..Babz weave iz BOOTIE!!!!! I wonder where mah anty pooh mah *huzbAnD* iz.

take the death quiz.

and go to laura = great.

I thought mah result would have suttin to do wit gettin shot coz I talked too much {well i answers da questions relating to dat}..uh oh Black men steppin! Ooh I <3333333 it when dey open dey legs like that and move up and down so sexi like like gawds...helllooooooo foine black steppin brothas on da AT&T commercial!

I have an idea! I'm to combine my webpages! They're gon' be put -togetha- that way da website with *frames* {you don't NOE how long i been workin on dem!!!} and da one wit *my kelly rowland layout* can both be pretty and I'll have more hits! wooohhhuuu! Ooh I cain't wait! Okay! I'm going, I turned da stuff off for my mama coz she sleep and I'm gonna work for da next hour on my syte! HollaAaAaAa! *call me if u need anything Jiv*
listen to Babz talk!!! aahahahahahahahaha!

||x||Pooh'z Wif3y||x||

*:|:* Look don't touch, motha fuqa think TWICE! *:|:*

looks lyke dey stayin!
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