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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2003 at 5:16pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: Switchfoot-you already take me there
Subject: MY CRUSH!
screaming infidelities
Screaming infidelities.
someone you loved has decided to leave, and theyve
done something to make you not trust them. do
you really love them and thats y you dont want
them to leave? or do you just not want to be

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Hey all, guess what! I have a secret crush on someone who a bunch of you know! Too bad i wont tell unless my crush says it... seeing that he now knows about it! I've liked him for a while now and no one knew!! HEHEHEHE... thats funny i actually kept a secret for once! Anyways, ohh he has liked me before too! But you wont ever guess who it is though!! Ok, i'm going to stop talking about it because he will end up coming out! Ok, well i'm going to Matt Williams house tonight to have dinner. I'm having chicken! YAY! Well, i fell alsleep for about 3 hours today (Beaver, I'm glad you didnt call me..) It felt good! Um, I finally cleaned my room which hasnt been touched for 2 months now! It was horrible! I've been sleeping in the back room on the fold out couch! I was seriously thinking about moving into the back room but i have no privacy. I need my privacy! Anyways, You know what, I cant hold it in anymore!!!! I LIKE JUSTIN.....or shall i say BEAVER! So yeah there ya go. I feel better now! Ok, i have to sneeze! AHH.. okay well i think i'm out for hte day or until i go back online tonight around 11:30(hopefully hes on...) LICKER TICKER...HEHEHEHE....THATS NAUGHTY! Inside joke at camp! Anyways, i'm out!

The Russian.... someone call me!! 696-3205
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