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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2003 at 3:38pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Journey- i dont know the song title
well, i'm at my moms work. i had to get up this morning early again which sucked. i ended up comin to work with my mom so i could make some money! I got ot clean the office all day. ooo lots of fun :( yeah i went to the dollar store and bought too much. then i got my eye brows waxed!! that killed! but hey pain is beauty!! i then went to the video store and got "Duets", "Steel Mangolias", "Gone with the Wind" and "See Spot Run" for my niece. yeah movie night with KFC! Thats my dream date!! Not really but oh well. I have to work tomorrow at cedar chase golf course at 7 in the morning till 2. OMW, i get paid tomorrow!! YAYAY! Money for Julie! I guess its time to go shopping! Anyways, no one is online so i'm very bored. anyways, i'm going to go now. nothing more to say.... lata ya'll!
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