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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2003 at 6:21pm
Current mood: confused
Music: beautiful-christina augulira
confusion is hte key word at the moment... i feel things for someone that i never thought i would feel. he doesnt know about the feelings but he knows about me liking him. i look at getting into a relationship and i freak out. i start thinking i hve to do this nad that and i have to wear this nad say this just to make the guy look at me or like me back. i love this song so much. its a great pick-me-up song. "i am beautiful in every single way, words cant bring us down, so dont you bring me down today." i have to remind myself that everyday because i take everything to heart sometimes thats a bad thing. i need someone to talk to. summer has no longer been fun. first having to work 24/7 and then sexual harrassment at camp, then getting burned out from working there, now having to deal with feelings that in a way i dont want. i feel like i'm missing something. i'm missing out on something but i have no clue what it is. i try to fill the emptiness that i have inside but its only happy for a few days then it all falls to pieces. my family is torn like always, friends are getting mad at each other, people are dying, i feel alone. i need someone to hug me, someone to just hold me, let me listen. anyways, i'm leaving now....

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