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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2003 at 2:47pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: Save Ferris- cant let you go
ITS FRIDAY! ok i get online and i go to read my email and i get into hotmail and shit nad i read this subject header for one of my emails from Mike...its alone(XXX) i read it....HOLY SHIT! that was a great letter from him....thats all i'm saying! I getto see him tonight! I'm so stoked, but i'm grounded for tonight because my stepmom got all pissed because i didnt take care of a towel before i leaft! Thats so gay...but my dad is taking me to see Mike at Meijer, my stepmom just wont know about it, like a lot of things that my dad and I do! ANyways, no one will talk to me except my cousin in HAstings. I havent talked to him in so long. Hes my fave cuz hes retarded like me! he was telling me about the camp he was working at and everynight they would sneak out nad drink, and then the day after he left they ot caught. iwas like i wanna work there! I dont like my camp anymore. I was sexually harrassed the last week i worked and they didnt even fire the guy! I was pissed and so was my mom. Anywho, my tummy hurts! BRAD I WANNA TALK TO YOU! Ok well i'm going to get going and try to find something to do, later ya'll...
Julie "The Russian" Quick
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