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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2003 at 10:37pm
Current mood: geeky
Music: Norah Jones- Dont Know Why
Wilder nad Megan came and picked me up, we went to Andrew's for like 5 minutes then i suggested we go to GR to see Mike! Well, i called him first and he didnt answer his phone. so i decided to call him at home, no one answered. So we went to Meijers! We looked all over the place for him and he wasnt there! He works on Saturdays because of football! LIKE I KNEW! So, we went to his house! I totally forgot that he was grounded for like life! But i talked his dad into letting him talk to me for a few minutes. So he came down, met wilder nad megs and then we talked. he is gonna come up to cs and hang out with my crew nad mingle for a bit! he is gonna hook wilder up with one of his friends! its great! well that was my adventous night! now i have a road test at 9am tomorrow! I"M SCARED! I'm gonna pass! ttyl!

Julie Jules!!
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