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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-25-2003 at 7:57pm
Music: the used- taste of ink
well today was the first day of school.. to start things out i was 15 minutes late ofr school becuz of the gay ass bus! it broke down. so yea i had to talk to Ms. VanSlyke about my schedule so i was late even more to US history! AUHG! Anways, heres a run down..

1st hour US history w/ Carr...its gonna be a kick ass class i think! i have a lot of my friends in there including Keegan and Dan Snyder! kick ass!

2nd hour chemistry w/ jungkind...i think he is joke but i'm switchin out of his class tomorrow i hope.

3rd hour english w/ young.. thats a cool class sorta..too many rules...i'm switching into Advanced TV productions tomorrow!! woohu!

4th hour Geometry w/ Neier...he talks too fast! and that class is kinda boring

5ht hour psychology w/ harnden...this is my favorite class! i love the atmosphere and the vibe you get when oyur done! its gonna kick ass!

6th hour chior w/ none other than MARTINO! I love that lady to death! she is the greatest ever and i'm so happy to have her!

well, i have A luch which kinda sucks because no one is in it...except Megan, Renee and Beaver. Brad was in it but NO hes in B! Sucky! anyways, i ahve some homework....i hate neier! night folks! see ya'll tomorrow!!

Julie Slow!
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