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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2003 at 9:44pm
Current mood: crushed
hello... how are you... it is so lonely out here in wisconsin... there is only two things that i am really looking forward to...
1) i am going to the mall of america this friday
2) i am coming back to michigan this christmas to visit everybody.

get this...
my dad told dawn that i had to move back with my mom because i was getting into a lot of trouble! K... so he lied and he totally left out the part that i threatened to call the cops on him for abusing me... thats why i am back here... stupid dad... i dont even think that he is my dad anyways... i did that whole genetics thing that they teach you in school... there was like a zero percent chance he was my dad.

I miss all of you guys out in michigan... luv you... and hope to see you in December!
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