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SwissArmyRomance (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2003 at 9:20pm
Current mood: sick and silly
Music: this freakin awesome song margaret sent me
Subject: today ive changed to late cuz everything feels the same
last night i had a dream that angela died...and i woke up was horrible

umm i went swimming with the little kids
and didnt go to practice cuz my allergies were horrible and i couldnt see out of one eye

dorkxandxproud: whose <33 sam
prEtty 1n p1nk06: samuel johns wright
dorkxandxproud: who the fuck
dorkxandxproud: ????
dorkxandxproud: your seeing someone else!
dorkxandxproud: WHY
dorkxandxproud: I LOVED YOU
prEtty 1n p1nk06: if you saw him you'd know him
prEtty 1n p1nk06: haha
dorkxandxproud: you dating sam wright!?
prEtty 1n p1nk06: yes
prEtty 1n p1nk06: have been
dorkxandxproud: i thought it say samuel jackson
dorkxandxproud: for some reason
dorkxandxproud: hahahahaha
prEtty 1n p1nk06: 6 months on september 12th
dorkxandxproud: you are?
dorkxandxproud: really!
dorkxandxproud: ahhh
prEtty 1n p1nk06: ?
dorkxandxproud: isnt he really shrort?
prEtty 1n p1nk06: haha yes
prEtty 1n p1nk06: verrryyy short
dorkxandxproud: he was little sammy
dorkxandxproud: for drama club
prEtty 1n p1nk06: haha yes
dorkxandxproud: ahh thats so cool

<33 leave me notesss

sams comming home monday :( i love you sammmmm
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