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kate (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2003 at 6:15pm
Subject: The world saddens me when I read entries like this.
hey wussa? well the day after 2 morrow iz mah birthday so technically i aint 13 yet but...oh well.I went 2 the dentist n i myte hafta get braces in a yr but we duno yet.....but i've had a pretti good summa so far-i went 2 georgia n atlanta wit mah cuzinz Kyle n Sean n we had lotza fun....i cant wayt till skoo startz tho bcuz i wana c mah friendz n i myzz the kid i lyk(wayt 4 get lyk im lyk in luv wit hym!)well i gota go..xoxo bye 143

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