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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2003 at 11:05pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: The Early November- I want to hear you sad
Subject: No one knows for sure
well i just got home from the fair...i went with my family this time and we didnt really do anything...just walked around and looked at a bunch of stuff...and got butterfly fries yummmm....on the way home we almost hit a possum, it was the cuteset thing ever <33
thats about all did....

im in the shittiest mood ever, ive been reading some peoples live journals and woohu's and just makes me sadder and sadder, comparing some peoples lives to mine just makes mine look horrible. They have soo much good stuff going for them. Great friends, Great times, Good families and basiclly everything that i could ever ask for in life and they say that they arent happy with it... god if i could just trade places with them id give life gets so sad/dull/depressing that i just want to crawl up in a shell and die THERE HAS TO BE MORE TO LIFE this summer could have been so much more fun that it was, i mean dont get me wrong ive had fun and stuff but half the time i was stuck at home because no one wanted to even pick up the phone and say "hey cass a bunch of us are getting together wanna come?" its always oh its just cassie its like im just there im taking forgranted i mean half the people that say they are my friends are prolly just saying that because they think they have to...i can fucking handle it if you dont like me, ya just have to tell me and ill dissapper.. its bull shit when people say they are your friend but dont really want to...or like some people have friends just so they have someone to hang out with when they are bored, or its always second best. im fucking sick and tierd of being second pick...its bullshit....and people wonder why i fucking act the way i do...they say "oh its just a cry for attention get over it" ever think that i may be acting the way i FEEL... its not like im gonna fake being happy to please others....and then theres this bullshit that i am trying to be like others....i have my own style and my own choices, why the fuck would i want to be just like someone else, i mean yea, they have some stuff that i want, good friends, nice clothes cool gadgets etc. etc. but i mean its not like i can get all that stuff by trying to be like them....arghhh people piss me off

and then theres the type of people that give me shit for how i act/dress/and the kind of music i listen too....
you cant control wha ti like and what i im into a different kind of style, so i wear alot of dark clothes, and so what if i listen to alot of i gonna give you shit about what you do? Do i? no i didnt this fuckin sick of this oh cassies emo now what a poser i used to be one of those YAY RAP! people...ive changed..ITS NOT LIKE ITS ILLEAGAL some of these people now are freaking acting like the old people that sit in the back of the church and dont want anything to ever chagnge...its bullshit....

ok i think im done venting for now...

THIS IS ME if you dont like it fuck off and leave me the hell alone...ill do what i want when i want...i dont have a lable im just CASSIE and its bullshit if you wanna catagorize me

<33 cassie*lou

love you sam
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