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lil_bill06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2003 at 12:36am
Current mood: very very sleepy
Music: Green Day 'time of your life'
Subject: today
So today I woke up at like 11. It was great I haven't slept that long in a while. I took a shower and then went shopping. I spent like 250 $ and only got 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. I love spending other peoples money. Then when I got home I went to the movies with Addison. WE went and seen The Medalian. It was such a dumb movie. The special effects sucked, and so did the whole movie. After that we came back to my house and sat around watching tv and then went out and sat be the fire. WE went to Arby's at like 10:45 at night. Then sat around the fire till like 11:50 and then Addison went home. I had fun though. Well I'm gonna go. Love you Addison
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