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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 8-25-2002 at 9:04pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: Blink 182-The Rock Show
Subject: School
School starts tomorrow and I haven't had enough of summer yet. I don't want to have to start school again and do the same damn thing every day monday through friday and then have a taste of freedom and then have to start the week all over again. I am happy though...this is my last year of that fucked up schedule. It's nice knowing that I'm done with each and everyday that I go to school...knowing that each day that I go to school is the last time that I will ever have to go to school on that day. I've waited for my last year of school since I started school. I have always hated school because it's boring to beat all hell. The only reason that I would like school is because I get to see some of my friends every once in a while. Oh well! Anyways, I worked to day for a while...that was fun actually. I like working, at least for the guy that I work for. It's fun and it's not that hard of work either. Anyways I'm tired so I think that I am going to go play some Diablo II which is a game that I have come to play quite a bit over the summer. Anyways, I'll talk to you people later.
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