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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2003 at 8:02pm
Current mood: content
Music: happiness is all the rage- the promise ring
Subject: em + me = best buds for SIX whole years! wow.
hey sorry i havent updated for like, the whole summer =P for some reason i just havent felt like it...lets review whats been happening:
- went to camp (highlander) for 3 weeks
- came back, got my ears pierced, and generally just put off doing anything whatsoever (including getting my permit! uh oh)
- went to band camp (up in camp carolina) for a week with the SOPHMORE SIX! holla! haha
- adrian went away to college (hampshire) ='(
- started school (sophmore year...)

yup thats pretty much it... been hangin out with em this whole weekend- lots of fun stuff!!! gotta love that crazy-ass heartbreaker hahaha.. ya anways im really NOT looking forwards to school tomorrow. at all. in any way. :(.
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